IHBC Annual School 2021
Historic Places - People Places

IHBC’s Virtual Day School
Friday 18 June

Jan Gehl Image

Morning Session: Making changes

International Session Anchor:
Jan Gehl: Topic area – DESIGN

Paul McTernan Topic Area - REGENERATION
Eilish McGuinness Topic Area - INVESTMENT

Jan Gehl Image

Afternoon Session: Examining changes

International Session Anchor:
Donovan Rypkema Topic area – ECONOMICS

Charles O’Brien Topic Area - INVESTIGATION
Elizabeth McCrone Topic Area - REGULATION

IHBC’s 2021 virtual ‘Day School’ examines how we can best change and sustain places for the benefit of people, led by expert practitioners boasting international, national and local profiles and experiences.

Presentations and discussions look at how we can make better ‘People Places’ out of the places we have, from the most functional to the most historic.

  • The Morning Session looks at tools and strategies used to improve places, notably DESIGN, REGENERATION and INVESTMENT, and how everyone can play a role in framing those changes.
  • The Afternoon Session explores the lessons that can be learned as people engage in changing places by assessing impacts from ECONOMIC measures as well as in INVESTIGATION and REGULATION.

The IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School is a centre of understanding and learning in the care and management of places for people.

Flexible and accessible delegate options that may extend up to 3 days, and more, of:

  • Diverse learning resources and opportunities
  • Events, live and virtual and – where viable – on-site and in-person; and
  • New practice-based insights in our learning-led Heritage MarketPlace, including access to expert advice, services, advocacy and networks, challenging opinion while stimulating practical solutions,
School features
  • Low fees from £25 (IHBC Members, 'Early Bird' Day School, 18 June) + VAT
  • Diverse and varied learning opportunities and support, including:
  • Leading expertise and challenging opinions, across a variety of virtual, webinar, guidance and learning formats
  • Learning-led School Heritage MarketPlace, with access to select lead practitioners, advisors, services and advocates, including 1-to-1 opportunities
  • Lunch with the IHBC, an informal lunch – online and virtual -exploring the past and future of conservation practice and the IHBC
  • Innovative digital resources supporting self-directed site visits and tours linked to School content
  • On-site Brighton School-themed group tour options provisionally planned for a Saturday in Autumn 2021 with details to be confirmed in June.  Numbers strictly limited, and open to Virtual School delegates only.   All subject to pandemic guidance, viability and cancellation.
  • Delegates' 'Questions and observations' resource to guide content and discussions prior to School's opening, with fees reimbursed to session chair's 'Best submission' (chair's discretion and decision final).
  • IHBC CPD certification

Principal Sponsor

Introduction to the School
All places have history – in landscapes, built fabric and memories – and that history shapes how people live, use and work with them, today and in the future.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, billions of pounds were being invested to support struggling urban and rural places, old and new, and their surrounding areas. Not only has the pandemic exacerbated these familiar problems, but it has also highlighted new ones: technological limitations, environmental impacts, and social, educational and economic inequities. Conservation helps make the most of our places, old and new, and has a key role to play in resolving these challenges!

But answers are needed, now more than ever:

  • Current threats - from housing to finance - drive trends that challenge - even conflict with – more familiar practices and solutions
  • The places that people use and live and work in are receiving huge investment and support, but could those investments deliver more sustainable benefits, more efficiently?
  • And how do we make sure that we are making all our places – historic and new - ‘people places’ that address and respond to the full breadth of today’s most urgent imperatives; from health and well-being to environmental threats?
The IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School – and its linked programmes – will address these and related challenges, seeking data, connecting thinking and shaping solutions.

In particular, we want our School delegates and their networks – whatever their immediate priorities - to learn how best to help our living environments today flourish as ‘places for people’ tomorrow.


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