Terms & Conditions

This event is being managed by IHBC Enterprises Ltd on behalf of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

Payments are by credit/debit card only (NB payments from non-sterling currencies must be made in sterling by card, and may generate additional charges for the user which are outside of the IHBC's control).

Registration and payment constitutes a confirmed booking and cancellation terms will apply.

Cancellation fees & Refunds

Before 21 May - 60% refund

On or after 21 May - No refund

All cancellations must be made in writing.

Refunds will be made for tours if you decide not to take these or we are compelled to cancel them due to Covid rules.

IHBC Enterprises gives no assurance that the programme details provided are accurate or that the Annual School programme will not change, including speakers, the order of the speakers, the content of their contributions or the study tours.

IHBC Enterprises does not recommend or endorse any organisations exhibiting, speaking or supporting the Annual School. The views and opinions of speakers at the Annual School, or expressed in material provided by exhibiting or supporting organisations, or in respect of the Annual School, do not necessarily reflect those of IHBC Enterprises.

IHBC Enterprises makes no representation and gives no assurance or warranty, express or implied, regarding activities, status or financial standing of organisations exhibiting, speaking or supporting Annual School. IHBC Enterprises accepts no responsibility for any acts or omissions of such organisations and is not liable for any direct or indirect losses, costs, expenses or claims arising out of or in connection with any acts or omissions of organisations exhibiting, speaking or supporting the Annual School.

The IHBC strongly urges delegates to arrange their own insurance to cover any failure to attend the School. Due to the IHBC's commitments to the venues, organisers and partners, charitable and otherwise, we can ONLY make refunds in line with our refunds policy, regardless of personal circumstances.

NB. The organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or modify the conference. In the event of cancellation by the organiser, any fees paid will be refunded in full.

IHBC MarketPlace Stallholders acceptance policy

Stallholders will primarily be in some way associated with building conservation or the built environment. But also included will be products and services which may have an impact on the built and historic environment and its conservation.

The following will be accepted as Stallholders:

  • Companies producing products which are wholly traditional, or are widely established for appropriate use in conservation.
  • Amenity bodies and charities with a historic or built environment remit.
  • Consultancies with a primarily building conservation purpose.
  • Companies who have previously exhibited at the IHBC Annual School or advertised in Context.
The following may be accepted as Stallholders but will require a prior review of sales literature and websites for any reference to products, processes and techniques which are known to be unsuitable for conservation work. If there is any uncertainty, the advice of other relevant specialists will be taken and inclusion as Stallholders may be declined:
  • Companies which produce new non-traditional products and materials which may be considered acceptable and necessary for the conservation of a building.
  • Consultancies working outside the historic or built environment.
  • Amenity bodies and charities with a remit outside the historic or built environment.
Companies who produce multiple products, some of which may be considered suitable for historic building use and some unsuitable, may be asked to focus on the more suitable product during their involvement with the MarketPlace.

Notwithstanding the above the IHBC Enterprises reserves the right to decline admission of any company or organisation as a Stallholder.

The IHBC, including its trading arm IHBC Enterprises, cares about the data we seek from you, and gathers, manages and protects data in line with official guidance on statutory duties, further informed by assessments of our charitable objectives to help conservation and its practice.

To understand why we seek the information we do, and our related policies and contacts, see our Data Protection Guidance

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